What Makes Vaping a Great Alternative to Smoking?

How difficult it is to quit smoking, is only known to a smoker! While many manage to quit smoking, many seek help. With so many options available on the market smokers often get overwhelmed to choose the right way to kick the smoking habit out.

We at E Juice Store being a premier hub for all vapers believe that vaping is the best and most efficient way to lead a smoke-free life while adding class to your persona. And we have evidence to back this belief of ours. Want to know why we recommend vaping to quit smoking? Then check out the reasons below:

The Habit

Often smokers have a habit of holding a cigarette in their hand and inhale through their mouth, hence while quitting smoking, the most difficult part is to leave that habit. With vaping, smokers find the quitting process easy because they get e-cigs to hold and inhale the vape, even they see vapor rising as they draw; it gives a feel of smoking. And this triggers the muscle memory which is acquainted with smoking over the years. Hence, your subconscious desire for smoking gets satisfied, while eliminating the harmful tobacco smoke. Moreover, vaping is the only non-smoking alternative that offers you the similar sensation of throat hit you experience during smoking.


E-cigs are cost effective alternatives of traditional tobacco cigarettes. The overall cost of vaping depends on the way you approach vaping. For instance, if you want to gradually reduce nicotine intake until you quit then gradually the number of vape juices purchased will be reduced.


Vaping doesn't require any prescription to begin! You can start vaping whenever you want. Also, you are in complete control of when you want to start vaping, choose nicotine strength of your juice, the flavor you like the most and the type of device you want to use.

Nicotine Content Regulation

While in case of smoking, you do not have control over tobacco intake, in vaping you have the freedom to regulate the level of nicotine as per your suitability. Although the recommended amount of nicotine level depends on your usage, you can reduce or increase the levels as per your wish and needs. Here, we would like to mention one thing that when you begin vaping for the first time, you may feel thirsty more than usual and it is absolutely normal. Drink water whenever you feel thirsty!

A Flavorsome Experience

The beauty of vaping is that it offers you a myriad of flavor options, which you cannot experience with smoking. Many smokers have quit smoking just for experiencing the different flavors of vaping.Β  Talking about flavors you can find fruity flavors, dessert flavors, candy flavors, mint flavors and even tobacco flavors. However, fruity flavors by Nomenon vape juice are one of the most favorite flavors among the vapers, especially, the Cactus Jack Fruit Mandarine vape juice that offers a unique flavor and great cloud production.

There are many other flavors by Nomenon and many other top vape juice manufacturers that we carry in our inventory. If you want to relish the flavors with us, browse our website today.