Vaping No. 32 (Cinnamon Funnel Cake) by Beard Vape Co 120ml

Beard Vape Co is a leading vape store that started its journey with almost 100 sample flavors in a vape store for the customers to try out. The founders just watched and noted the juices that customers had picked the most for weeks and three flavors. No. 32 (Cinnamon Funnel Cake) is one of them, and later one has become the original Bear Vape Co vape juices. It has been a fan favorite since.

No. 32 (Cinnamon Funnel Cake) by Beard Vape Co 120ml is a delicious vape juice flavor combining cinnamon fried funnel cake with toppings of powdered sugar. While vaping this ejuice, you will feel like having your favorite dessert at the county fair in the palm of your hands.

Take a savory to inhale of fried cake and exhale with light cinnamon and sugar notes comfortably. With No. 32 (Cinnamon Funnel Cake) by Beard Vape Co 120ml, you won’t need to look for the funnel cake stand or wait in a long queue for your favorite summertime treat. Instead, no matter where you are, you will be in awe by enjoying the heavenly taste of Beard Vape Co No. 32. So even if there’s no county fair from miles and miles, you will live your life to the fullest by vaping this ejuice flavor without any hindrance of nudging your sweet tooth.

No. 32 (Cinnamon Funnel Cake) by Beard Vape Co 120ml is the delicious dessert flavored vape juice with the mouth-watering cinnamon fried funnel cake with the right amount of powdered sugar. This ejuice flavor will take you back to the time of hanging out with friends at the beach or the county fair for the funnel cake stand. Instead, you should indulge your taste buds in a delectable fried funnel cake coated with sweetened cinnamon sugar flavor.

The Beard Vape Co vape treat hits the right spot and makes everyone mouth-watering with its unique aroma. Thanks to Beard Vape Co, you will feel like rewarding your taste buds with yummy funnel cake dusted in cinnamon and powdered sugar. However, you will enjoy this classic dessert flavor without worrying about calories.

No. 32 (Cinnamon Funnel Cake) by Beard Vape Co 120ml uniquely captures the flavored delight that you crave every time you walk into the county fair. Nothing can match the delicious blend of deep-fried cake and cinnamon sugar. This flavored combo will lift your mood and leave your sweet tooth feeling satisfied.

When you inhale Beard Vape Co No.32 (Cinnamon Funnel Cake) e-liquid, the yummy deep-fried funnel cake will go over your tongue and give a rich, buttery sweet taste. Then, on the exhale, reward your vape taste buds with a perfect combination of spicy cinnamon and sweet powdered sugar. This flavorful vape juice will treat your sweet tooth to the fullest.

Available in a 120ml bottle, No. 32 (Cinnamon Funnel Cake) by Beard Vape Co 120ml has a 60 percent VG and 40 percent PG base. Hence, you can expect immense clouds and enjoy the delectable throat hit you crave. Now you can enjoy this remarkably flavorful vape juice blend all day long without guilt. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a bottle of No. 32 (Cinnamon Funnel Cake) by Beard Vape Co 120ml from Ejuice Store today and take advantage of exciting deals and special offers.