Vape Battery Safety Tips for Vapers

Vape batteries aren’t like your remote-control AAs: they’re much more powerful cells that should be handled cautiously. If you’ve a regulated vape mod that’s driven by batteries such as 18650s or 20700s, this battery safety guide is for you.

Vape battery

Keep wraps intact:

Always ensure that the wraps on your battery are in immaculate state. If you see a notch on the battery cover, the safest thing to do is re-wrap it. Battery covers are affordable & quite simple to put on. Most local vape shops will wrap your battery for free & it won’t take more than a couple of minutes to do.

Use the correct battery:

Some e-cig batteries are better for low wattage vaping, whereas others are better for sub-ohming, and others aren’t meant to be used for vaping at all. when choosing batteries, ensure that they avail in the proper specs. Don’t just the number on the wraps, as they are usually misleading.

Always use a dedicated charger:

With most devices, charging your batteries directly in your mod is possible these days, but it is always safer to make use of a dedicated battery charger. A simple charger can cost less than a 60ml bottle of e-liquid! Stepping up a little in terms of cost will add features like battery data & health monitoring.

Don’t over-drain your battery:

If feasible, try to not totally drain your battery – lithium-ion batteries are likely to lose more capacity the further you allow them to discharge. The majority of the mods come with some form of battery level signal. Taking your battery out to charge prior to they’re totally exhausted will extend their lifespan, i.e. the amount of cycles you’ll be able to get out of them.

Avid extreme temperature:

E-cig batteries can bear low & high temperatures, but you would not wish to examine their limits. Higher temperature will damage your batteries, making them age faster, whereas colder temperature take a toll on battery capacity. Ensure you keep them in a cool place away from sun ray & never leave them stored in places such as the glove compartment of your automobile where temperature might even surpass their safety limitation. If you reside in a region where the temperature regularly gets extreme, consider carrying your device & batteries in a tiny insulated lunch cooler.

Replace old batteries:

Batteries are only good up to a certain amount of cycles. Lithium-ion batteries will start losing capacity & potency when employed for extensive periods of time. If you feel that your battery takes less time to discharge, simply replace it. Even if you have not seen something out of the ordinary, substitute your batteries after 6 months to a year, relying on how frequently you use them.

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