What’s the Perfect Throat Hit & How to Get It When Vaping

Whether you’re new to vaping or a seasoned vaper, you’ll surely have heard people discuss getting the ‘perfect throat hit.’

What’s a throat hit?

A throat hit is a sense that the vapor from your e-liquid offers you when you breathe in it & it hits the back of your throat. Throat hits aren’t all the same though when vaping, and this is not too astounding when you consider the variables involved with vaping.

Different e-cigs, setups, mods, and e-juices by a variety of makers in a huge number of flavors & potencies can all make a difference. Nevertheless, there’re two types of hits, strong & weak. A strong throat hit is when you sense an immediate hit at the back of your throat when vaping. A weak throat hit is just the opposite of a strong throat hit.

How to get the perfect throat hit?

Regulate the potency of your nicotine: This is the first & foremost thing that affects your throat hit. It is quite straightforward, the more of a throat hit you wish, the more nicotine you e-juice must have.

Test your e-juice PG/VG ratio: E-liquids are usually made up of 4 elements – Nicotine, flavoring, PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin). Different e-juices have diverse levels of PG and VG and finding the correct proportion is the way to get the best throat hit you want.

Vapers who prefer a powerful throat hit should seek an e-juice that feature more propylene glycol than vegetable glycerin while those that like a weaker vape must seek a blend that features more VG than PG.

Regulate your power setting:

If you’re using an e-cigarette that has an adjustable power setting, use this to control your throat hit. Generally, the more you accelerate the power, the greater the throat hit &, the more you slow it down, the smoother the throat hit.

Experiment with diverse flavors:

Flavors can have an impact on your throat hit as well. If you’re seeking a sweeter, smoother throat hit, you can go for flavors such as chocolate, coffee, and tobacco. For example, you can check out Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin by Nomenon that is incredibly delicious in taste. This is a beautiful combination of Cactus, Jackfruit, and Mandarin to give vapers the perfect juicy throat hit. At the same times, you can also check out White Peach Raspberry by Nom X2 – a flavor-packed fruity ejuice that is sure to please. With each puff of White Peach Raspberry, your mouth will be flooded with savory fruit flavor.

Adjust your e-cig’s airflow setting: Like changing your flavor, this is yet another way to affect your throat hit. If your e-cig has airflow settings, for a stronger throat hit opt for an open airflow setting whereas to get something smoother, regulate your airflow to a firmer setting. Though it isn’t not going to make a massive difference, it certainly can be a helpful way to fine-tune your way to an ideal throat hit.

The secret of getting the ideal throat hit is to follow the advice mentioned above and keep experimenting. You will eventually discover what works for you & once you discover that perfect throat hit, you will take your vaping experience to another level.

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