4 Less-Known Mistakes Vapers Make & How To Avoid Them

Switching to the vaping world can be confusing and overwhelming to those who’ve been smoking for long. There’s so much to learn as you get used to using an e-cig, particularly if you shift from a beginner kit to more advanced set ups like sub ohm vaping. It is usual to make a few errors as you begin, but these mistakes can be costly if you are making them again and again without comprehending where you are going wrong. Here are a few less-known mistakes many beginner vapers make upon their changeover, how to avoid these problems.

Keeping your device activated:

This looks clear, but so many people will throw their vaping device in their pocket, and head off to do something – forgetting it is still activated. Not just will this destroy the battery lifespan, you are also risking unintentional leakage, and not to say the fact you could unintentionally power it up on the move, which could prompt additional damage. Making certain your vape is properly deactivated prior to leaving it unattended – even if you are planning on coming straight back to it – it’s the ideal way to make sure mishaps don’t occur.


Vaping like a smoker:

Those who’ve been smoking for several years may be acquainted to taking hard, quick puffs. This is not how you should vape, though – it won’t produce a pleasant cloud of vapor, and you will not acquire a hit from the e-juice. To find the most optimal outcome, try to take a long, gentle inhale, then blow out the vapor. This will consequence in a reasonable cloud & the pleasure you are looking for.

Using too little nicotine:

When 1st making the switch over to vaping, some people don’t get the correct potency of e-juice. Purchasing a mix with too much, then vaping like there is no tomorrow, can consequence in nausea and headaches, while acquiring too little nicotine can result in making vapers feel unsatisfied & being lured to switch back to typical cigarettes. Though each circumstance is different, as a general guideline – heavy smokers must use 18mg nicotine liquids, medium smokers must opt for 12mg and light smokers should buy 3mg liquids.

Not cleaning out your tank between e-liquid flavors:

It is easy to simply load your device with a new flavor before the other ones has run out totally, but this sort of mixture can consequence in an unpleasant flavor. Besides, it is critical to clean the coil on regular interval before it needs changing, as allowing it to get blocked will affect the flavor of your e-juices, and could result in you needing to change the coil more frequently.

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