Top 4 Picks For Disposable Pods In 2022

The world of vaping has changed dramatically in the last few years. And while there are a lot of exciting new products on the market, we’re excited to see how pod-style vaping devices will grow and evolve over the next few years.

So, what is the best disposable pod for you? We’ve put together a list of our top 4 picks for disposable pods in 2022:

Lemon Mint Disposable Pod (5000 Puffs) by Elf Bar BC5000:

Light and fruity with a cooling sensation, the ElfBar B5000 vape pen delivers a refreshing burst of flavor. The sweet mint is paired with freshly squeezed lemon to create a crisp, cool sensation every time you inhale. The flagon-like design of this vape pen offers a comfortable experience. It even comes in multiple colors! This device is rechargeable, so you'll never have to worry about running out of battery power when you want to enjoy it.

Watermelon Ice Disposable Pod (5000 Puffs) by Elf Bar BC5000:

Hungry for a sweet vape? Watermelon Ice Disposable Pod (5000 Puffs) by Elf Bar BC5000 is the ideal e-liquid for those with a sweet tooth. Just in time for summer and Winter, this one-of-a-kind flavor combines a smooth watermelon vape with an icy, wintry ice flavor that will have you coming back for more. This pod has been designed to be portable and rechargeable, so that you don't have to worry about running out of puffs when you're on the go! 

Blue Razz Ice Disposable Pod (5000 Puffs) by Elf Bar BC5000:

Blue Razz Ice Disposable Pods by Elf Bar BC5000 Pods are perfect for those who want to keep a consistent taste while enjoying the convenience of a disposable e-cigarette. Blue Razz Ice Disposable Pods (5000 Puffs) are preloaded with 1.5ml & 5% nicotine strength e-liquid, featuring dual coil technology and approximately ~5000 puffs per device. These pods come packed with your favorite Blue Raspberry flavor that everyone is sure to love!

Clear Disposable Pod (5000 Puffs) by Elf Bar BC5000:

This is a menthol-flavored disposable vape. It's small but mighty, and it fits in your pocket! This pen is perfect for areas that have banned flavored e-cigarettes and tobacco products. The flagon container design provides a comfortable experience—once you hold it, you'll love it! Consisting of a dual coil, this device delivers the purest of flavors. Each Elf Bar is rechargeable, which takes the stress out of running out of power. The contrasting colors provide enjoyment and personality on every puff!