How Long Does A Vape Juice Last

Have you ever thought about how you need to store your vape juice? You may have purchased your loved vape juice in bulk as your preferred online vape store offers a great sale. However, it is an ideal time to think about it if you have not thought about it. Though there is no specific date for vape juice to expire; however, we at Ejuice Store believe that if you do not store your vape juice properly, your vaping experience will be different.


You may have purchased Pineapple Guava Freeze by Juice Head Freeze in 100ml from us. It is one of the best vape juice manufactured by Streamline Vape Co. However, if you do not store it correctly, the quality of the vape juice will deteriorate and hence will be your vaping experience. So, let us discuss how to store vape juice.

How long does vape juice last? 

In general, you can expect that a bottle of vape juice will give you the best vaping experience up to one year from the date of manufacture. We notice that vape juice degrade with time; however, it is not that a vape juice will taste bad or that it would not be safe if you store it after one year. Manufacturers print a best-to-use date on the bottle. When you buy vape juice, try to look at the date and use it within that date. However, whatever you do, you need to store it properly.

How to store vape juice properly 

The principal features that cause vape juice to turn bad are heat, light, and air. Air is the reason for the fixings in a vape juice to oxidize. The heat and light worsen the condition by making those reactions occur more rapidly. Storing a bottle of vape juice at its best level for an extended period means that you must diminish its contact with those three elements. You can easily do such by ensuing two very modest steps.

It would be best to store a bottle of vape juice firmly closed until you start using it. As long as you can keep the bottle closed, you can diminish the rate of oxidation to its minimum. This happens because oxygen from the air cannot enter the bottle. Instead, the oxygen in the inside air can react with the vape juice. 

Secondly, place the bottle in a shut cabinet which is in a climate-controlled environment so that you can minimize its contact with heat and light. You must select a high cabinet so kids and pets cannot reach the bottle. You must avoid storing it in a kitchen cabinet above an oven.