Things To Know If You Are New To Vaping

If you are new to the vaping world everything related to it can look confusing. The words associated with it such as coils, tanks, pods, sub ohm, clearomitizers and juice can look very baffling to the new users. To make you feel comfortable here what you need to know about vaping before your first buy.

How does it work?

It is a simple yet critical query but with a rather complex answer. The short and snappy answer is: the vaping tank holds the juices of your liking & the cotton wicks inside it soak the liquid. When you switch on your device, the coils inside the tank are heated up, the liquid dissolves, and you breathe in the vapor.

What’s an e-cigarette made of?

An e-cigarette look complex but it is truly a simple unit that changes juices into vaper. Nonetheless, there’re different kinds of e-cigarettes to fit different needs & kinds of use.

The atomizer avails in 3 diverse forms: the glasomizer, clearomizer, and cartomizer. Each e-cigarette is also consisting of a battery, coil and tank.

What kind of tank you should use?

Again, there’re many different kinds of vape tanks to pick from but they all operate basically in the same manner. They hold the e-liquid of your preference & feed that liquid either by wick or cotton to the coil which heat up the liquid to the a point which you inhale.

People that are new to the vaping world, the tank type is more about volume. But your budget & other aspects should also need to be considered when selecting your 1st setup.

At present, the most recognized tanks are glass sub-ohm tanks which tend to last long.

When should you change the coil?

From ceramics to stainless steels you can buy coils in a variety of types.

You will know that it is time to get your coil changed when the taste of the vapor is not quite up to the mark. Relying on the kind of atomizer you are making use of, changing coil should be straightforward decision. Just take of the bottom of the atomizer, remove the coil, and put in the new one.

These are some of the basic yet essential information to keep in mind especially for someone who is new to vaping.

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