Check Out Two Fresh Arrivals from Naked 100 with E Juice Store!

USA Vape Lab located in Southern California is one of the leading manufacturers of vape juices. They are a leader in flavor creation and quality manufacturing in the industry. And they are the producers and developers of the critically acclaimed Naked 100 E-liquids. Today in the market saturated with e-liquid flavors, Naked 100 is leading the game. You can find a wide variety of interesting and delicious flavors from this brand that include fruity flavors, creamy flavors, menthol flavors, tobacco flavors and much more.


In the fruity league there is All Melon which is a perfect blend of Watermelon, Cantaloupe, and Honeydew, Lava Flow that blends the taste of Strawberry, Pineapple and Coconut and a lot more. And in the Creamy line up you can find Azul Berries that blends Blueberry, Raspberry and fresh Cream. Similarly, the menthol and tobacco flavors too are hitting the vape juice market with a great zeal.

And now to offer some unique yet flavorful experience to the vapers, Naked 100 has added two new flavors to its league and they are Peachy Peach by Naked 100 USA Vape Lab and Apple Cooler by Naked 100 USA Vape Lab.

  • Apple Cooler Vape Juice –

Apple Cooler by Naked 100 USA Vape Lab is another addition from the brand that will wow your taste buds with its unique taste. The Apple Cooler blends the incredible flavor of freshly picked apples with the taste of juicy grapes and succulent watermelon. On the inhale you will get the taste of crisp apples that will hop through your taste buds and leave you craving more of it. Then a grapy blend with the apple vape juice will create a dreamy fairy tale taste you will fall in love with. And on the exhale the luscious watermelons will tie the entire flavor making it an out of world experience for you!

The Apple Cooler by Naked 100 USA Vape Lab has the ability to keep you cool during the hottest days of summer. So for having cool vaping experiences try it once!

  • Peachy Peach Vape Juice –

Peachy Peach by Naked 100 USA Vape Lab is an astonishing blend of delectable ripe peaches. Once you try this vape juice, you cannot resist it every time you see it. This vape juice is extremely flavorful and soothes your cravings in just one blast of your vape. Stand out with this bold burst of joy! Immerse in the peachy fusion to fight off those intense taste buds that constantly on a war mode with you! On the inhale you will experience a luxurious feel of soft peaches smothering your never satisfied taste buds with this gentle fruity flavor. On the exhale the sweet and tart mix up of peaches will be dancing along your tongue while absconding from your mouth.

This new Peachy Peach by Naked 100 USA Vape Lab is the official craving killer that will satisfy your sweet tooth in few seconds! So do not miss out on this luxury!

We at E Juice Store carry the complete range of Naked 100 vape juices. You can find the two new flavors Apple Cooler by Naked 100 USA Vape Lab and Peachy Peach by Naked 100 USA Vape Lab with us.