Is Your Vape Tank Producing Bad Smell? Know What To Do

You have been vaping with the same device for many months, and now you can notice a bad smell coming out of it every time you try to take a hit. Unfortunately, you don’t have any idea from where that smell is coming from.

That fact is odors do happen every now and then. Just visualize how often that dribble is getting in touch with your mouth, which is usually full of germ. Moreover, e-juice builds up on the different machinery inside that tank which can guide to bad odor over time.


The good thing is you don’t have to throw away that odorous tank and buy a brand new one. There’re so many ways to solve this issue relying on the main cause of it.

So why do vape tanks produce bad smells?

There are so many reasons why your vape tank can produce odors. And the most common culprit is a drip or mouthpiece that has not been cleaned of late. As you always put that piece on your mouth, it is unavoidably going to attract all those bacteria that are accountable for bad odor.

Another reason your vape tank producing bad smell could be that your e-juice has gunked up within the tank. When you vape, remaining amounts of e-liquid burn due to the sugars. Gradually, those compounds of gunk begin to create a smell as they are frequently being burnt further with every hit.

So what to do when your tank produce bad smell?

Change your coil:

It is feasible that liquid has accumulated on your coil which is why the smell has occurred. So before trying anything else, don’t hesitate to change your coil.

Change your e-juice:

Clean your tank & put a new e-liquid in it. If, inside 4-5 days, there is no smell, you can rest assured that your e-liquid was the main culprit.

Clean your vape tank regularly:

If you aren’t cleaning your tank on a regular interval, you will definitely face odor issues. Vape tanks must be cleaned at least once every week. To give it a thorough clean, you must detach every single part & wash it individually. Though it sounds a little bizarre, it is worth it. Apart from smelling bad, a dirty tank will produce a bad taste & even have the ability to burn your coil untimely.

A bad smelling tank is a bad news for sure. Fortunately, by following those above mentioned tips you can enjoy excellent vaping without any bad smell.

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