There Is A Vape Juice Flavor To Suit Any Taste Bud

You got the perfect e-cigarette for yourself, but the bottle of vape juice that originally came with it is now vacant. Now what?

If the atomizer of an e-cig is the brain, battery is the heart, then vape juice is its soul. Once you have run out of it, you are left with a worthless piece of device.

The first and foremost thing to take into account while buying vape juice is the flavour. Even if other variables such as nicotine strength, PG or VG and vapor production are perfect, if you don’t like the flavour, the vape juice is of no use. Luckily, e-juices avail in nearly any flavour you could imagine: cocktails, food, fruity, and of course tobacco blends. Let’s check out some of the best vape juice flavors out there:

Fetti Pop by Confection Vape 60ml:

Available in a 60mL E-Liquid Bottle and 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg Nicotine Levels – the Fetti Pop by Confection Vape takes the form of a fresh baked confetti cake pop, topping it with a healthy squirt of sweetened whipped strawberry-based frosting. On the inhale you will enjoy a fluffy yellow cake with sweet strawberry frosting on the exhale. The creamy, rich flavor of this vape juice will make your mouth water with delight. This is the perfect dessert vape flavor to have & enjoy with your friends.

Apple Pie by Kilo Black Series 60ml:

If the image of a freshly baked, piping hot apple pie make your mouth water like crazy, then Apple Pie – Kilo Black Series has been missing from your life. Apple Pie by KILO - Black Series is an exceptionally crafted version of the legendary Apple Pie, with caramelized apples blended into a lightly spiced cinnamon bath folded into an ideal flaky pastry crust. The vape juice brings a longing experience that fulfills even those with an insatiable sweet tooth. This remarkable bakery delight offers you all of that magnificent satisfaction without any of the fat or sugar. As you take the 1st inhale, you’ll enjoy a mouthful of fresh apple vape juice that has been caramelizing for hours. You will also get a wonderful pinch of cinnamon that adds to your vaping experience.

Cereal & Milk by Humble Juice Co 120ml (2x60ml):

Delectably sweet Fruity Cereal covered in fresh creamy Milk make Cereal & Milk by Humble Juice a perfectly balanced all day vape.

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