Disposable Pod Devices by LOY – Smoke-free Way to Enjoy Life

Smoking cigarettes is injurious to health and many people are realizing it and opting for better alternatives. Are you one of them? Do you also want to quit smoking? And looking for a revolutionary all in one disposable pod device? Then you are welcome to the world of LOY. LOY disposable pod devices are an exceptional solution for all who wish to live a smoke-free life but apprehensive regarding vapes.

We at Ejuice Store have brought some of the popular disposable pods by LOY for you. Have a look –

Mango Peach by LOY is a peachy mango-ish flavored pod that is accompanied by fruit sweet sorbet treat creating a magical flavorsome experience. On the inhales there is the tropical mix of ripe mango awaiting you and on the exhale the sour peach craziness will freshen up your taste buds. This wickedly nectar of deliciousness and sugared fruit blend makes it an irresistible alternative for vapers.

Strawberry Watermelon by LOY is a tasty rendition of your desired strawberry watermelon flavored candy. This flavor offers a slice of a mellow summertime smile balanced with a fresh batch of juicy strawberries. Initially you will experience the vivid flavor of fruity strawberries and on the exhale watermelon will smooth over the strawberry accompanied by a sweet candy finish.

Blue Razz by LOY Disposable Vape Pod is a mixture of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries amalgamated to craft a delicious flavor. It is a perfect blend for an all-day vape experience!

Strawberry by LOY Disposable Vape Pod is the combination of fresh strawberry and hints of mixed berry undertones that ends up with an adrenaline-charged juicy finish.

Lush Ice Disposable Pod by LOY is a luscious wild blast of lush melons that include Watermelon and Honeydew. This disposable pod by LOY is a perfect partner of lavish parties that seek class and tranquility in seamless harmony. You can try its icy version to experience deliciously refreshing menthol freshness!

Experience the mysterious coolness of Iced Lychee by LOY disposable vape pod that offers fresh flavor of tropical lychee fruit along with a wave of cooling menthol.

Pink Lemonade Disposable Pod by LOY incorporates carefully harvested handpicked lemons from the trees that are squeezed until all of their nectar is out. After which it is introduced to sweet, strawberry syrup to create a titillating drink that will appease your cravings. It is a perfect balance of sweetness and sourness without losing any of those authentic fruit flavors which make it an ideal flavor to relish.

Peach Lemonade Disposable Pod by LOY is a classic lemonade flavor that cools you off instantly. It is a concoction of tartness and tangy traditional lemonade inhale and a perfect sweet mellow roundness of freshly picked peaches in the exhale. This combination results in an invigorating flavor that makes summertime special.

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