The Incredible Evolution Of Menthol-Flavored E-Cigs And Vape Juices

Today, menthol-flavored e-cigs are among the most popular vape products out there. Menthol has a long history in the tobacco industry that has of late carried over to e-cigs. Menthol lovers today can find a wide range of menthol flavored vape juices & cartridges for their e-cig devices from most of the renowned manufacturers.

Menthol cigs got their beginning in the U.S. in 1920. The concept behind the flavoring was to give the users a softer and cooler taste that made smoking a more agreeable experience. Over the next several decades, menthols were imaginatively marked as a product with a clean, fresh taste.

The rise of menthol-flavored vape juices:

In the vape juice sphere, it did not take too long for the manufacturers to add menthol vape juices into their product list. After all, the classic cool flavour is well appreciated across the globe, and it fit well with most of the other flavours out there at present. Even during the earliest years of vaping, menthol flavor rose to eminence and then branched out to add fruit blends that lured a large crowd.

Anyone who’s keen in quitting their smoking habit should know that there’re so many menthol products available in the vaping world. In fact, there’re perhaps more menthol variations accessible for vapers than there’re for smokers, so there’s so much explorations to be done! Here are some menthol vape products you may want to check out:

Cool Mint by Finest Signature Edition120ml (2x60ml):

If you are looking for a smooth and simple vaping experience, then you have to check out Cool Mint by Finest Signature Edition120ml (2x60ml) available here at E Juice Store. The sweet, simple, and refreshing cool mint flavor profile isn’t just incredible but it also offers a flavor experience that never fades away. On the inhale you will get a pretty strong but not so overbearing mint feeling that will sweep across your taste palate & steal the hearts of your taste buds.

Flow by Aqua Menthol (ICE) 60ml:

Vapers who are looking for an appetizing tropical fruit combination of sweet pineapple, juicy mango with cool menthol and hit of guava should check out Flow by Aqua Menthol (ICE) 60ml here at E Juice Store. If your mouth waters at the thought of a tropical cocktail, then you’re definitely going to fall in love with this vape juice.

Oasis by Aqua Menthol (ICE) 60ml:

This vape juice from Aqua Menthol is a skillful mixture of sweet Georgia peaches, with the delicate tropical amalgamation of cantaloupe and papaya.

For more menthol-flavored vape juices, feel free to check out Ejuice Store right now! We would love to fulfill your carvings for e-cigarettes.