The Reasons To Use Rainbow Ice Disposable Pod

If it is that you have tried many vape flavors and are not able to satisfy your taste buds, then it is the ideal time to purchase a disposable pod that enables you to taste different flavors at a go. The Rainbow Ice Disposable Pod from California Grown E-Liquids purchased from us at E Juice Store will help you to enhance your vaping experience as it offers the combined taste of Menthol, Citrus, and Sherbet Cone. It does not end here, purchasing such a device you can enjoy 1500 puffs and as it has a fully charged battery you do not need to wait for a second to start vaping after your purchase.

The reputation of the manufacturer

The quality of any product depends on the reputation of the manufacturer. California Grown E-Liquids the manufacturer of this disposable vape ensures to create hand-crafted flavors so that even the most refined palettes can have satisfaction. Their inexpensive wholesale and retail costs of theirs enable all to afford their quality products. Moreover, they make it possible to have this at a nicotine level of 5% which is unique. We at E Juice Store ensure that we make no delay to ship your order after we receive that.

The vaping experience that you can have

It is possible to have an amazing vaping experience using Rainbow Ice Disposable Pod. As you smoke the flavor of Menthol, Citrus, and Sherbet Cone will coat your vape taste buds of yours. You will love to smoke and exhale the smoke as it will not smell tobacco.

Coming to the convenience of vaping, is that you do not have to bother about assembling the pods or washing the pipe. You also do not have to install the tank or recharge the battery. So, the only obstacle that you have to pass is to be at our site and order this disposable vape.

If we summarise, we can say that it is simple to use and carry, use without any maintenance, affordable to start and you can have the taste of various flavors at a go.

Why depend on us to have such disposable vape

We at E Juice Store make it possible to have Rainbow Ice Disposable Pod and other vaping devices conveniently. You just need to place your order and we make sure that you get that as early as possible. It is for sure that when you have products from us, you can have those at a competitive price. We also ensure that all our products are 100% genuine and we stand as a guarantee behind every product that we sell. We update our site daily so that our customers can know about the new arrivals and order for those. Moreover, if you have any queries, you can call our customer care executives and they will be happy to answer those. Lastly, we have in place a fraud prevention mechanism that saves you from an unauthorized transaction of your card.