Shopping Kiwi Strawberry Watermelon (Lava Luau) by Fresh Pressed Salts 60ml

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Kiwi Strawberry Watermelon (Lava Luau) by Fresh Pressed Salts 60ml brings you a perfect blend of juicy watermelon, succulent kiwi, and mixed berry flavors. From your first puff until the last, your taste buds will go wild for sure. Fresh Pressed vape juice flavor is truly what you have been looking for with excellent flavors in a 60ml bottle. 

On your inhale, the Fresh Pressed Salts Lava Luau vape juice gives you the delight of juicy watermelon flavor that will excellently hit your taste buds. This flavor tastes so authentic that you will feel like having a bite of freshly sliced watermelon. 

After, the kiwi flavor takes the charge complementing the watermelon, and leaves your taste buds with incredible enjoyment. When you exhale, the taste of mixed berries accompanies the blend to create a wonderful experience that you will enjoy vaping throughout the day. This vape juice flavor gives you certainly everything that your taste buds are craving. 

Kiwi Strawberry Watermelon (Lava Luau) by Fresh Pressed Salts 60ml is an ideal fruit-flavored vape juice for vapers with a wild side. This vape juice flavor will make your taste buds crazy starting from your first puff till the last and you will never want to put it down. 

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