How To Increase The Longevity & Freshness Of Your E-Liquid

Like most of the food products, we consume in our day to day life, vape juice boasts organic components like VG and nicotine that need to be stored correctly in order to stay fresh. Here we will explain how to preserve the freshness & flavour of your vape juice for a long time.

Good storage spot:

Finding a nice storage spot to store your vape juice is necessary to keep the juice fresh for long. Most preferably, a refrigerator would be the ideal place to store your vape juice for a long duration, like with food products. Nonetheless, you also can make use of a cupboard, drawer or box, where your vape juice can sit in a cool, dry and dark place.

These storage spots will make it easy to access the vape juice when you require it, but also, it won’t be out in the open, where it can be tarnished by vape juice’s 3 major elemental enemies: light, air and heat.

Use glass instead of plastic:

When it comes to storing vape juice for a long time, glass is definitely better compared to plastic. Bottles made of plastic are all right for temporary storage, but they are the perfect option for long-term storage. This is because plastic can interact with the vape juice, particularly in heat, and any chemical alternations because of bottle leaching can change how your e-liquid tastes. Moreover, plastic prevents most things from passing through them, but some air can get through because it’s a porous container.

Seal your vape juice container:

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest enemies of vape juice is air. To avoid that, it is wise to ensure that your glass containers are sealed firmly. Also it is important to be cautious when transferring the vape juice from one container to another not to allow the air slip in & damage your vape liquid. If you are purchasing large bottles, it is an excellent idea to have some smaller ones on hand that can be refiled once a week or so, therefore lessening the amount of exposure your larger bottle has.

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