Does Vaping Hinder or Help People During Athletic Performance

There was a time when athletes and sports stars endorsing smoking brands was prevalent. The modern day sportsmen are a bit more choosy when it comes to what they put in their bodies. We are very much familiar with the harmful impacts of cigarettes on our body, and for anyone strict regarding their sport, smoking isn’t something they wish to be doing.


But what about vaping& exercise? Does vaping hinder or help people during athletic activities?

What are the effects of smoking & exercise?

Smoking decreases your capability to work out and, thus, your general fitness level. It hinders one’s athletic performance in several ways.

Blood – Smoking makes workout feel harder as the carbon monoxide and nicotine in cigarette makes the blood to become thin and contracts your arteries. Narrow arteries don’t allow your blood to move quickly enough around the body. With the reduced oxygen supply, your body simply doesn’t function that well.

Heart – Your resting heart rate get increased when you smoke. For smokers who already have a high resting heart rate, this can add additional load on the heart, which can lead to cardiac arrest & even death in extreme cases.

Lungs – As the tar created by cigarettes coats the inside of the lungs, smoking decreases lung capacity significantly. Smoking also produces phlegm which can make the throat and lung to feel congested. Reduced ability of lung decreases your body’s capability to give the extra oxygen required during workout.

What are the effects of vaping& exercise?

Vaping is still significantly new, and henceforth long term researches have not yet been conducted that provide us clear answers on the impacts of vaping on exercise. If you wish to make sure your athletic endurance is not hindered by any means, then the best advice would be not to smoke or vape. However, if you’re a vaper& would want to carry on while exercising then there’s some positive signs:

Blood – Vape juice like Strawberry Cereal Donut Milk by The One don’t have carbon monoxide, which is one of key contributing factors towards contracting the arteries. A recent research has shown that smokers who switch from smoking to vaping showed enhanced blood flow following just one month. This entails that extra oxygen can reach the brain, muscles and heart during exercise.

Heart – Like cigarettes, vape juices usually have nicotine, and it is this compound that causes the increase in heart rate. Unlike conventional cigarettes, which deliver a fixed dose of nicotine, with vaping, the vaper can decide how much nicotine they ingest.

Lungs: Since vaping doesn’t create any tar, so the lungs don’t get ugly build-up related with smoking.