Top Seven Lemony Ejuices for a Tangy Summertime Experience

Does the tangy flavor of lemon stimulate your taste buds? Wish to make this summer a lemonade extravaganza? Looking for lemon flavored e juices from top brands? Then welcome to the world of Ejuice Store, your ultimate stoppage for vape juice excavation. We take pride in offering vape juices manufactured by top brands. And below we have brought you some of the top seven lemon flavored e juices in our inventory to satisfy your lemon-craving taste buds instantly. Have a look –

Lemon by Jam Monster is a vape juice specifically designed for lemon-cravers like you! It takes the savory yet tart flavors of a lemon to provide you with your next all day vape. On the inhale you will relish the tartness of lemon leaving your taste buds begging for more with each puff your take. This vape juice perfectly amalgamates the sweetness and tartness of lemon which will make you fall in love with it. On the exhale the tartness will subside and leave behind the savory flavor to let you puff all day long. Its wonderful aroma is the icing on the cake.

Golden Coast Lemon Bar by Lemon Twist is a classic dessert flavor of the lemon bar. You will relish the taste of pure lemon that will reinvigorate your taste buds all over again. It is an ultimate desire of every lemon-flavor vape juice lover.

Lemon Drop by Crisp captures the essence of California grove lemons and couples it up with a traditionally tart flavor with a soothing blend of raw sugarcane elixir, steeped together for the optimal amount of time. And the result is the most deliciously sweet lemon vape you will ever experience.

Bad Apple by Bad Drip is the concoction of dismembered and drained lemon remains with sugary sweet-tart dust. On the inhale your taste buds will get hit by the splash of zesty lemon burst along with slight sweet sugar undertone that compliments the main lemon flavor perfectly. On the exhale, you will experience sweetness as well as sourness blended perfectly offering you a flavorful and refreshing delight.

Killer Kustard Lemon by Vapetasia is a fascinating combination of tartness of lemon, vanilla and custard that creates a perfectly harmonizing sweet savory. On the inhale you will relish the extreme blast of sweet lemon flavor while on the exhale experience milky smooth custard with hints of vanilla.

Lemon Fraise by Le' Banger is a strawberry lemonade flavored vape juice that is complimented by fruit sweet hard candy. On the inhale you will experience the tart lemon citrus and during the exhale the fresh ripe strawberry flavor will make you go crazy. This rejuvenating flavor is a perfect all-day vape to beat the heat of summer.

Lemon Cake by HMBL Salt is a high nic salt that will make you crave for the real dessert. This nicotine salt takes on the fuzzy and genuine flavor of cake with great amounts of lemony passion. Β We guarantee that you will not be able to put this salt nic down after the first inhale!

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