5 Best Disposable Pod Flavors by Humble Juice Co

Humble Juice Co has been innovating and developing continuously over the years. It is committed to creating blistering additions to the brand in the form of disposable vapes. The Humble OG Disposable Vape is a new device featuring a unique disposable design. It looks fascinating and offers the utmost level of convenience, a large capacity and featuring many of the same authentic tastes that you’ve come to know and like from the Humble Juice Co collection.

The Humble Juice Co is creating premium vape juice flavors boasting extraordinary design, offering a visually appealing look that you and other vaping enthusiasts will simply adore. The device comes with a large size integrated battery and a hefty puff vape juice capacity. It delivers more than 3000 puffs per device. Every device is filled with Tobacco Free Nicotine salts available in 5% (50mg) strength and is infused with an incredible concoction of flavors.

The Humble Juice Co is one of the most anticipated products throughout the year. It has garnered immense popularity and combined them with Humble’s original flavors. This brand gives another way for vape enthusiasts to enjoy the same tastes that they always do. Take a look at below discussed flavors and make a right selection for your all-day vaping experience.

  1. Guava Kahn Disposable Pod

This Humble Juice Co flavor specializes in creating a magical yet more pleasing experience. This delicious blend brings the exotic guava flavors together and adds a hint of tropical dragon fruit flavor. The disposable pod flavor will linger in your airways and leave you wanting more.

  1. Mean Mango Disposable Pod

Do you want to take your vaping journey to a whole new level? You’ll simply love the amazing blend of flavors when you vape Mean Mango disposable pod by Humble Juice Co. It comprises the juiciness of mangoes and the bone chilling coolness of menthol. Get ready to enjoy the perfect duo of flavors. This refreshing vape will be one of your all time favorites for sure.

  1. Peach Pleasure Disposable Pod

Taking a puff of Peach Pleasure disposable pod by Humble Juice Co gives you the most soothing vape experience. The delicious symphony of flavors is sure to please your taste buds for sure. This disposable pod flavor brings you a perfect blend of juicy strawberries, exoticness of dragon fruit and ripe peaches giving you the perfect vape experience every time.

  1. Smash Mouth Disposable Pod

Smash Mouth disposable pod boasts a mouthwatering blend of flavors by combining tasty strawberries, a perfect blend of crackers and the delicious taste of custard – all mashed up together to create the most fascinating flavorful experience. It feels like something you’ve never had.

  1. Fruit Punch Disposable Pod

Are you looking to enhance your vaping experience? Why don’t you vape Fruit Punch disposable pod by Humble Juice Co!  This delicious mix will definitely be the solution you’re looking for. It’s a perfect summertime secret that combines the Hawaiian juicy fruits and soft chew recreating the fruit punch flavor that never goes old with time.

Bottom Line –

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