4 Unique Salty Fog Vape Juice Flavors to Try Out

Salty Fog has a selection of a nicotine salt based e-liquid that ranges from tobacco to fruit including Simply Mint, Bourbon Tobacco, Neon Berry and Cucumber Mint. This e-liquid collection is provided by highly-acclaimed Cosmic Fog Vapor.

Salty Fog is one of the newest creations from Cosmic Fog – a group of ejuice manufacturers carving out a name crafting yummy high VG e-liquids. Currently, Salty Fog vape juices take control by whipping up an intense range of flavors; but in the nicotine salt form.

Most of the rich flavorful vape juices come with its own delectable vibe – starting from the invigorating Cucumber Mint to refreshing Bourbon Tobacco.

Many of these richly flavored ejuices features its own delectable vibe, from the invigorating cucumber mint to the elegant bourbon tobacco. Each of them comes with a high nicotine level offering you a complete satisfaction that you crave without any harness that burns your throat.

Available in a 30ml unicorn bottle and even VG/PG base, you will get smooth and relaxing throat hits. The Salty Fog e-liquids come in nicotine level 24mg; 36mg and 48mg. Take a look at this post and browse our full lineup of the best vape juice flavors to find your next go-to vaping delight:

  1. Simply Mint by Salty Fog 30ml

Simply Mint is a Salty Fog flavor and is pure like its name. This vape juice creates the most refreshing and tasty mint flavor as possible. There’s no hype and gimmicks; and you’ll taste the goodness of sweet minty flavor that leaves you fully satisfied and refreshed.

With a primary flavor of sweet mint, the flavor is available in nicotine level 36mg and 48mg and a VG/PG ratio of 50/50.

  1. Cucumber Mint by Salty Fog 30ml

Do you really like the fresh taste of mint; but want a little something more? If so, trying out Cucumber Mint by Salty Fog makes sense. Combining with a tasty combo of refreshing cucumber and a sweet note of melon flavor, you’ll get the complete balance from this Salty Fog favorite. If you are looking for your next all day vape, Cucumber Mint is a right purchase.

With primary flavors of cucumber, mint and melon, this Salty Fog delight is available in 36mg and 48mg nicotine level and a VG/PG ratio of 50/50.

  1. Neon Berry by Salty Fog 30ml

Get a new twist on a classic favorite with Neon Berry by Salty Fog vape juice. With a crisp and luscious strawberry flavor and delicious orange raspberry combo and a subtle hint of creamy goodness – all of them are chilled to perfection; Neon Berry ejuice has the ability to switch the flavor lights on.

Neon Berry vape juice has the primary flavors of cream, strawberry, orange and raspberry and nicotine level 36mg and 48mg as well as VG/PG ratio 50/50.

  1. Bourbon Tobacco by Salty Fog 30ml

The Salty Fog has gone so far to find the ideal vaping vapors for your needs. No flavor is more subtle than the tasty tobacco. Combined with rich, smooth and full tobacco flavors, Bourbon Tobacco has the infusion with oak barrel aged bourbon. This combination culminates the quest for the ideal tobacco blend that you’re longing for all while.

With primary flavor – Bourbon Tobacco, the vape juice comes with 36mg and 48mg nicotine level and VG/PG ratio of 50/50.

Bottom Line –

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