How To Get Started With Your Vaping Journey

For those new to the vaping world, it’s easy to discover themselves a bit dissatisfied with their 1st vaping experience – primarily because they’re likely to forget that a vaporizer isn’t a cigarette.

Knowing how to vape properly is the secret to make the most of your vaping experience, and something that a lot of people don’t take into account when they buy their 1st vape kit. Listed below is a little guide on how to get started with your vaping journey.

Choose your e-liquid wisely:

With a choice between PG and VG e-juices, it can be a complicated process finding the juice that works perfectly for you. The PG offers a stronger, intense flavor with a more powerful hit, whereas the later offers great clouds of vapor when exhaling. Experimentation is the best way to choose the right cheap vape juice for yourself.

Do you inhale vape?

So many vapers assume that like cigarettes, e-cigarettes should be inhaled – which is not true. Just like chewing tobacco, nicotine can be absorbed via the soft tissue in your mouth & doesn’t essentially need to be inhaled. Many previous smokers do like to inhale usually because of the customary habit, but a vaper can still absorb the same volume of nicotine whether they inhale or not.

How to inhale vape correctly?

Experienced vapers usually advocate new vapers to take 3-6 draws on their vaporizer prior to holding the vapor inside their mouth for a few seconds. Following this, they can either puff out directly or draw in the vapor into their lungs first. Those who are seeking that lung-hit, should keep in mind that a typical cigarette will offer the hit in approximately eight seconds, whereas an e-cigarette will take roughly thirty seconds for the body to absorb & offer the hit.

Is there any right or wrong way to vape?

Despite all the above-mentioned recommendations, there’s actually no right or wrong way to vape as long as you stay away from short drags. Everybody has their own way of vaping and whatever works for you may not work for others.

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