5 Best Nomenon & Noms X2 Salt E-juice Flavors to Try Out Today

Do you want to have a phenomenal vaping experience? The vape juices from Nomenon & Noms X2 Salt truly nail the fruity flavors that you crave the most in a way that others don’t. If you really like to have fruity flavors, please check out our available Nomenon & Noms X2 Salt e-liquids available on sale:



  1. Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin

With the succulent and completely innovative fruit combination, the Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin combines the exoticness of jackfruit, zesty mandarin oranges and citrus cactus. You’ll have a refreshing vape upon trying out this e-juice flavor.

Every puff gives you an amazing burst of brightness before the deeper fruity notes get settling into the vape palette and leaving you feeling refreshed at the end. When you first inhale, the cactus tartness lifts your spirit and the zesty notes from the mandarin orange starts soothing you.

The flavor will be sweet making your sweet tooth feeling giddy with excitement. When you exhale, the island fresh jackfruit takes over with its amazing intoxicating taste, that’s unbelievably crisp, sweet and tangy. 

  1. White Peach Raspberry

White Peach Raspberry has the fruity duo flavors like white peach and raspberry and is absolutely perfect for the warm summer months. This uniquely flavored blend is able to refresh your senses on a whole new level when you enjoy them both.

Get ready for the sharp tartness from the freshly picked raspberries with every inhale. They will be sweet as soon as the vapor hits the back the throat. At that time, the tanginess of white peach goes around the tongue. Your vaping thirst will be quenched like crazy when you exhale.

  1. Grapenomenon

For a magically satisfying vape juice flavor, Geapenomenon is a must-have e-liquid. This e-juice will bring back your summertime memories of sucking of candies all day without even caring for the world. The grape flavor tastes like the real fruit and the sweetness is clean than the artificial taste.

Every inhale blasts your vape palette with the bright, tangy delight of freshly-picked and plump purple grapes. As soon as the vape goes over the palette, the natural sweetness of the fruity flavor comes in. When you exhale, your sweet tooth will get the stunning amount of sugary goodness.

  1. Lemonomenon

Lemonomenon is an intoxicating candy inspired flavor that hits the right spot with its amazing variety of flavor notes. The fresh lemons combine with sugary sweetness to give a combo of sweet and sour flavor notes. This flavor uplifts your vaping pleasures by the powerful zesty taste of citrus.

On the inhale, you’ll enjoy the lemony taste and the tartness starts invading every single taste bud. When it’s time to exhale, the sugar starts washing your tongue.

  1. Blunomenon

A sweet and tangy berry infused confection – Blunomenon will make your taste bud jumping up and down with utmost joy and excitement. Taking one puff of this flavor will satisfy your cravings for pesky candy cravings.

The bright tanginess of blueberries from the orchard delights your taste bud every time you inhale and the sugary blast makes you feeling satisfied.

Bottom line –

The Nomenon & Noms X2 Salt e-juices will satisfy your cravings unlike others. For those who love the flavors, it’s highly suggested to grab one flavor or all from Ejuice Store. You’ll feel refreshed and reinvigorated at the end for sure.
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