Vape Juice – How To Tone Down The Flavour

Many vapers go to great length to find the boldest, richest, and most complex flavor imaginable. Apart from cloud production & throat hit, the flavor is the most critical compound of vaping.

However, what occurs when there is excessive flavor? Believe us or not, sometimes the flavor of your vape juice can be too bold. When this takes place, there should be a way to tone down that flavor experience so that you can relish a balanced vaping session again.


So, how much is too much?

The fact is that sometimes, the excess flavor can be the worst thing. This is particularly the scenario when the flavor boasts low-grade constituents or excessive sweetener. Low-grade constituents are likely to taste synthetic which can make your taste buds to become distasted by the vaping experience. Also, the excess sweetener can be rather distasteful to the taste.

Furthermore, the excess flavor can cause vaper’s tongue, a state in which the taste buds & olfactory glands feel so overpowered by the strong flavor experience that they stop distinguishing the taste in general. When this occurs, the vaper will lose the capability to taste their vape juice momentarily, meaning that each puff is not all that pleasing.

Moreover, not all vapers crave a strong flavor experience. Some vapers out there are seeking a decent blast of nicotine or huge clouds. They don’t wish to taste a strong liquid when they inhale as it is just not their thing.

What you can do to tone down the flavor:

Fortunately, there’re many possible solutions:

Please switch to a higher VG amount: It is widely known that higher levels of VG tone down the overall flavor experience. VG is pretty thick & viscous – when it is heated by a coil, it becomes a very dense kind of vapor that does not carry flavor as strongly as PG.

Increase the nicotine level: Many vapers assume that higher nicotine levels tone down the flavor. That is possibly due to the way in which nicotine molecules interact with flavor molecules. So, if you can manage it, consider augmenting your nicotine strength the next time your purchase vape juice.

Try a direct-lung device: If you are using a pod mod system, switch to a direct-lung device like a box mod instead. It looks that direct-lung vaping restrain the flavor a little due to how the e-juice is inhaled. With mouth-to-lung devices such as pod systems, the vapor is drawn into the mouth where it sits for a few seconds before it is inhaled into the lungs. This lets the flavor really settle into the palate.