4 Best Sweet & Fruity Ejuice Flavors

Thinking to taste fresh fruits to satisfy your senses? Sweet & Fruity E-Liquid has entered the vaping industry with its delectable flavors. The nostalgic flavors available on sale include Tropical, Orchard, Melons, and Berries. Provided in an exclusive 100ml eLiquid bottle, let your taste buds turn wild with delectable flavors from Sweet & Fruity E-Liquid.

Sweet & Fruity is a delicious flavor line from the Just Juice Co. brand. This new brand has surfaced recently onto the e-juice industry. With the release of these three original flavors, every vape shop, online vape store and vaping enthusiast are trying to get their hands on it.

Nicotine Strength – Sweet & Fruity E-Liquid offers e-juices in three nicotine levels – 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Vapor Production – The current vaping indyustry standard is 70VG/30PG. This vape blend offers you good vapor production without compromising on the eLiquid flavor. It’s everything you’d expect from this 70/30 vape blend.

  1. Tropical by Sweet & Fruity 100ml

Tropical by Sweet & Fruity 100ml eLiquid brings in mango, pineapples and passion fruit together for a true mouthwatering vape experience. The true fruity blend is perfect, when you drift off your mind to the beautiful five star resort. This amazing fruit spread is freshly made just for you. It’s better to experience it yourself.

  1. Orchard by Sweet & Fruity 100ml

Orchard by Sweet & Fruity 100ml comprises of the delectable fruity blend of sweet peaches, juicy pears and fresh apples. This delicious orchard of fresh fruits is sure to satisfy your senses. This sweet plethora of all fruits comes together to make for a delicious vape for all day. The Orchard by Sweet & Fruity 100ml is available in a 100ml eLiquid bottle and in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine levels.

  1. Melons by Sweet & Fruity 100ml

Melons by Sweet & Fruity 100ml is an amazing combination of melons and watermelons. Both flavors are combined together to make for an extremely delicious vape and an extravagant sweet tasting experiences. It’s time to satisfy your sweet tooth with this new, delectable, sweet and fruity premium e-juice flavor from Sweet & Fruity.

  1. Berries by Sweet & Fruity 100ml

Want to taste a berry concotion? You should look no further than Berries by Sweet & Fruity 100ml. This delicious vape has a mixed berry flavor profile that produces huge clouds and delectable vapes. What more could you ask for as a vaper!

You’ll get to enjoy extremely smooth and almost unnoticeable throat hit of berries. You won’t even notice you’re vaping. There are no burning or charring like sensations whatsoever!

Bottom Line –

When it comes to purchasing Sweet & Fruity e-juice flavors, you should look no further than Ejuice Store. All of our vape juice flavors are mouthwatering and extremely satisfying.