Why Vaping Is Most Effective When It Comes To Quit Smoking

Every smoker know how tough it can be to quit smoking. For some smokers going cold turkey works, but for others, they require a little help.

While there’re abundance of options in the market, at Ejuice Store we know that vaping is the most effective way for smokers to quit the habit. You may say this is a very courageous statement, but there’re proofs to back it up.

So what makes vaping more effective than gum, patches or any other type of nicotine replacement therapy? Let’s find out the facts:

The ritual:

Just like a cigarette, the e-cig proffers you something to hold; you breathe in the vape& even notice the vapor rising as you inhale. This in result activates the muscle memory that you’ve related with smoking all through the years, which gratifies your unconscious craving to smoke. All while eradicating the injurious tobacco smoke.

Smokers says the ‘the throat hit’ they relish the most while smoking. Let us tell you that vaping is the mere form of non-smoking substitutes that offers you the same throat hit as you’ve able to breathe in the vape.

Vaping is convenient:

Smokers don’t require a prescription to stat vaping, so it is something that they can start when they feel prepared. While you can schedule an appointment with your GP for advice on how to quit smoking, it’s not a necessary part of the vaping process. You’re in absolute control of when you start, the nicotine potency of your vape liquid, the flavor and the kind of device you want to use.

Vape juice nicotine content:

Your nicotine strength in the vape juice will be basically down to the number of cigarettes you used to smoke in a day. The advocated amount differ relying upon your use but the best thing about vaping is that you can decrease or increase the potency to suit you. Once you feel ready, you can then begin to decrease the nicotine strength slowly weaning yourself off.

Wide range of e-juice flavors:

Most smoking cessation helps are constrained with their flavour options. For example, nicotine gum is usually accessible in plain, mint and fruit flavour. Conversely, vape juices avail in a wide range of flavors to fit every pallet. One can effortlessly switch between vape juice flavors which stops you becoming bored and enjoy your vaping to the fullest.

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