What To Do When Disposable Pod Is Not Hitting

It may so happen that after you have purchased a disposable pod, it is not hitting or giving only weak hits, or the indicator light may be blinking or not coming on. If you are facing these situations then you are on the right page. So, read this carefully before you buy Blue Razz Lemon Disposable Vape (5000 Puffs) by Elf Bar BC5000 so that you can have the uninterrupted pleasure of using a disposable pod.

The reasons for pods not hitting

As told it may happen that after buying a new disposable pod, you are not able to have the proper hit. There are various reasons for such a problem. Let us have a look at the reasons and the probable rectification of the same. 

Out of vape juice 

A vape pod may not be giving you any hit if it is out of vape juice. It will not happen that the disposable pod that you buy from us at E Juice Store runs out of vape juice just after buying. The disposable pod that we mentioned earlier will allow you up to 5000 puffs. However, if you inhale extremely deeply, it will not be possible for the vape to allow so many puffs. It may also be that you vape too often making the coil of the pod stay at an overheated state; then also you will not have the desired hit. So, if your pod is out of vape juice you need to purchase a new one made by Elf Bar BC5000.

Dead battery 

If the disposable pod you have purchased has an indicator light it can let you know about the state of the battery. Do you notice that the light is blinking or lighting up in a different color? Is the pod doing nothing when you inhale? If it is such then the battery is dead. It will be possible to have some puffs if you leave the pod alone for a few hours. If you notice that the battery is dead you can also be certain that the vape pod is empty of vape juice also.

Insensitive airflow sensor 

The disposable pod understands that you are inhaling with the help of the airflow sensor. If the airflow sensor is insensitive then it will not be possible for the pod to understand that you are inhaling. Condensation inside the device may be the cause for such. It is wise to cover one of the disposable pod’s intake vents and the increased pressure will make the airflow sensor work.

These are a few common problems that you may face using a disposable pod. So, as you now know the way out, you can enjoy the uninterrupted pleasure of vaping.