What Are The Main Reasons Behind A Bad Smelling Vape Tank

We all give so much attention to assure a delightful vaping experience. Many of us splurge a little so that we can treat ourselves to the most appetizing e-juice flavours out there. However, if you aren’t taking care of your vape tank, you might end up finding that there is a bizarre odour whenever you try to hit your mod.

When your vape tanks begins to smell, it is critical to recognize why that is the case so that you can take right action.

The vape liquid is inferior in quality:

This is perhaps the foremost reason behind a bad smelling vape tank. Low grade juices usually boast ingredients that possess a synthetic or chemical-like smell that can be rather nasty. Or, perhaps, the ingredients in your sub-standard e-liquid cannot really manage the high wattage level at which are you vaping. Either way, if you are making use of poor quality e-juices in order to save some bucks, re-evaluate your options.

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You are not cleaning the vape tank frequently enough:

The most apparent reasons of a bad smelling vape tank is a lack of hygiene. Practically every vaper knows the value of maintaining their devices, yet not many actually perform the weekly cleaning strictly. The fact is that your vape tank requires to be cleaned in regular interval because that old e-liquid starts turning into gummy gunk that can start to smell really awful.

Switching between flavours without cleaning every time:

Even if you clean your vape in regular interval, you might still be falling short to clean it between every time you try a new flavour. Whenever you try a new flavour, it is important that you deeply clean your tank’s component beforehand. Or else, deposit from the old vape juice will remain and perhaps clatter with the new e-juice’s flavour and aroma profile.

Your coil may be the culprit:

Sometimes your coil is actually the culprit behind that nasty vape tank odour. When your coil is burnt out, it might smell really terrible. Thus before doing anything else, take the coil out of your vape tank and give it a good whiff to ensure that isn’t the issue.