Reds Apple E-Juice Flavor Review

Manufactured by 7 Daze E-Liquids, the Red Apple Ejuice is an 8 flavour vape juice collection of Red Apple, Red Grape, Reds Watermelon, Red Berries and Iced Grape Reds, Iced Reds Watermelon, Iced Reds Apple, Iced Berries Reds. Reds Apple E-Juice takes pride on their inventive flavour combination which will blow your mind for sure. Let’s go through each flavour profile. 

If you are looking for the flavour of a crisp sweet red apple juice, do check out Reds Apple by Reds Apple E-Juice. This will remind you of your favourite boxed apple juice. The classic flavour of fresh red apples, now can be enjoyed in a vape juice form. 

Looking for e-juice with a refreshing sweet apple and grape, mixed into a juice cocktail? Grape Reds Apple by Reds Apple E-Juice is your best bet. Enjoy a crisp Washington red apple flavour on the inhale while a juicy grape on the exhale. 

For a refreshingly crisp sweet red apple juice with a tantalizing watermelon, look no further than Reds Watermelon by Reds Apple E-Juice. This flavour is perfectly combined with delicious apple juice with summertime watermelons. This vape juice gives apple juice on the inhale with appetizing watermelon on the exhale. 

Vapers who are looking for a chilled & tangy mixture of raspberry, blueberry and pomegranate paired with apple juice, must give Red Berries by Reds Apple E-Juice a try. Red Berries is pretty smooth on both inhale & exhale. When you inhale you can savour the sweet berries and on the exhale you will appreciate the bold red apple flavour. 

Peach Apple Vape Juice by Reds Apple Ejuice:

Enjoy tantalizing southern peaches blended with classic original reds apple juice.  This vape juice offers the delicious flavours of crisp red apple and juicy peach in every refreshing puff. 

Iced Peach Apple Vape Juice by Reds Apple Ejuice:

Enjoy Iced crisp apple vape with a bursting peach blast. Reds Apple iced eJuice Peach combines sweet, fresh peach & icy menthol with red apple. 

Fruit Mix Vape Juice by Reds Apple Ejuice:

Reds Apple Fruit Mix E-Juice by 7 Daze combines appetizing red apples, tangy oranges, tropical pineapples, and lush passion fruit to deliver a sweet, tangy and tantalizing vape blend.

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