Lychee Flavored E Juices – A Perfect Way to Begin the New Year on a Sweet Note

Fond of lychee fruit? Want to experience the juiciness and sweetness of lychee in your vape? Looking for some juicy and tantalizing lychee flavored vape juices to begin your New Year on a sweet note? Then we at E Juice Store carry a great selection of lychee-flavored e juices in our inventory from top manufacturers. Following are the lychee flavored e juices that we have with us. Check them out and choose the one that you find more enticing.

  • Lychee Iced by XCEL Sixty

XCEL Sixty series is created by the same group who brought legendary collections like Cosmic Fog. The Xcel Lychee flavor will take you to the world of Asian tropics. Xcel Lychee offers you the juiciness of the exotic lychee fruit along with an essence of cool and refreshing menthol. Lychee Iced by XCEL Sixty is a bold flavor that expresses Cosmic Fog’s spirit. This extraordinarily delicious, appetizing and refreshing flavor from Xcel Sixty will bring a huge smile on your face with an essence of juicy and sweet lychee with every single hit. Lychee Iced is a perfectly balanced concoction of delectable lychee and cool menthol flavor.

  • Lychee Berry by XCEL Sixty

Another lychee marvel by XCEL Sixty is the Lychee Berry where the manufacturer has experimented lychee with complex tropical flavors. Lychee Berry by XCEL Sixty is an amalgamation of lychee with a medley of traditional berries resulting in a unique tropical flavored e juice. The mouthwatering flavor of Lychee Berry is a masterpiece that begins with the sweetness and aroma of lychee fruit making it a spectacular lychee flavored e juice to try out. This Xcel Lychee flavor includes lychee along with mountain-fresh berries that complements the fruity hodgepodge impeccably.

  • Lychee by Skwezed

Lychee by Skwezed E-Liquid is another favorite of lychee lovers. This e juice offers a relaxing feeling of complete and total content with the freshness of tropical lychee flavor. Lychee by Skwezed is an exotic, bright and completely care free e juice flavor that offers you an rousing yet relaxing vacation feeling.

  • Lychee Luau by Tropic King

Lychee Luau by Tropic King will make your taste buds party within your mouth. This e juice flavor has a prominent lychee flavor along with the succulent peaches and the fresh pairs join the luau creating a bright burst of flavors to entice any vaper.

  • Phoenix by Shijin Vapor Salt Nic

Phoenix by Shijin Vapor Salt Nic is an exotic combination of flavorful guava paired with a juicy and luscious lychee flavor.

  • Iced Chee by Air Factory Salts

Iced Chee by Air Factory Salts is a vape juice exclusively designed for warm summer days by combining the sweetness of lychee and cool mint. This vape juice offers a refreshing jubilee of sweet exotic fruits and invigorating minty finish. On the inhale sweetness of lychee is witnessed and on the exhale the flavor gets sweetened up even more along with an icy blast of minty menthol flavor.

  • Lychee Dragon by Finest Signature Edition

Lychee Dragon by Finest Signature Edition is distinguishing flavor which is packed with a punch. The combination of fresh dragon fruit with a splash of lychee’s lusciousness on the inhale and the medley of smooth strawberry on the exhale makes Lychee Dragon a one-of-a-kind vape juice flavor.

This New Year, discover the finest collection of vape juices from top manufacturers with us at EJuice Store.