Dive Into The World Of Honey And Milk Vape Juices With Us.

Imagine your mouth is laden with honey and milk! Yummm! Isn’t it? Do you love honey and milk combo flavor? Is your sweet tooth craving for sweetness of honey and milk together? Whatever might be the reason, we at E Juice Store would suggest you to try out some of the best honey milk combined e juices that we have in our inventory.

We assure you that you as well your taste buds will feel delightful and be thankful to us after you experience these flavorful honey milk vape juices. We are a vape shop that will never let you down when it comes to trying out different flavors of e juices.

Take a dive into the world of honey and milk with us –

  • Honey Milk by OG Classic 100ml

Honey Milk by OG Classic 100ml which was formerly popular as Milk & Honey - Cosmic Fog is a perfect amalgamation of marshmallow fluff which is topped with sprinkles of milk and honey. This combination creates a mouthwatering e juice mixture that will tantalize your taste buds completely. You will feel like you are in the fields of puffy marshmallows and suddenly the sky pours down sweet milk upon you and after a while you find a note of rich honey capping it all off. So dive into the creamy milky world with a dash of honey with Honey Milk by OG Classic 100ml.

  • Honey by Milk King

Honey by Milk King offers you a fun filled vaping experience. This vape juice is all about smoothness of milk and honey. With every hit it will soothe you and make you comfortable in every possible way. On the inhale, you will experience the taste of soft honey which will glide slowly down your throat. On the exhale, the coolness of milk will give your taste buds a long lasting impression of comfort.

  • Bubble Milk by The Milkman Delights

Bubble Milk by The Milkman Delights is a premium loose-leaf jasmine tea steeped to perfectionwith rich, creamy milk, and a rigorously-crafted honey-glazed Boba flavor. You will take delight in the rich, creamy sweetness of Bubble Milk on the inhale and on the exhale the fresh aroma of jasmine blossoms will satisfy your senses.

  • Boss Reserve by Cuttwood

Boss Reserve by Cuttwood is a delectable yet complicated flavor that amalgamates honey graham cracker cereal, sliced bananas, roasted nut clusters and cover them in creamy milk. This vape juice delivers each note perfectly with an inhale of graham cereal with nutty notes and banana cream on the exhale.

  • Golden Honey Bomb by Lemon Twist

Golden Honey Bomb by Lemon Twist is a perfect a combination of marshmallows, dipped in sweet milk, glazed in honey. On inhale, you will get the taste of the fluffy marshmallow with honey flavored undertones. Eventually, the sweet milk becomes apparent when the vapor lingers in your throat and on the exhale you get a great aftertaste.

  • Gold Reserve by Finest Signature Edition

Gold Reserve by Finest Signature Edition is the latest addition in our inventory which is a classic combo that delivers the rich sweet aroma of milk and honey garnished with emulsified banana nuts and roasted almonds.

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