Incredible Vape Juice Flavors by California Grown at E Juice Store

Do you wish to get lost in the delectable flavors of California? Want to feel the taste of Californian natural bliss? Then we at E Juice Store have brought you a wide selection of e juices from California Grown. California Grown is a Southern California based company that manufactures vape juices inspired by the flavors of California using the most exceptional quality of ingredients. 

At E Juice Store we carry four different delectable e juices by California Grown that are Napa Nectar, Wavy Watermelon, Grizzly Apple and Coastal Crush. Want to know more about these flavorful e juices by California Grown? Then check out below 

  • Napa Nectar

California Grown Napa Nectar is the most delectable and astonishing fusion of sweetness of juicy mango and luscious nectar. Napa Nectar has got the right amount of sweetness that is required to satisfy your sweet tooth without overwhelming it! California Grown Napa Nectar will make your taste buds grateful to you with every single puff you take!

On the inhale California Grown Napa Nectar offers you a taste of a perfectly ripe mango making you crave for it again and again. On the exhale the nectar flavor gets blended with the juicy mango offering a splash of sweetness, making your taste buds fall in love with it. So all the vapers with a sweet tooth out there, California Grown Napa Nectar is your best bet!

  • Coastal Crush

Enjoy the delectable punch of Caribbean flavor with a splash of menthol with the Coastal Crush by California Grown. This vape juice will make you fall head over heels in a fraction of seconds with its extravagant flavor. 

On the inhale, Coastal Crush offers you a Caribbean flavor that will make your taste buds go aww. The taste is unique and unusual which have never tasted before! Coastal Crush has the power to blow your mind with the extravagant flavors packed in it. On the exhale the Caribbean flavor will subside, and you will get a hint of menthol that will soothe your taste buds and offer a refreshing feel!

  • Wavy Watermelon

Wavy Watermelon by California Grown will take you into the wavy mode with every single puff you take. This vape juice offers a perfect candy flavor that you will ever come across. It offers an authentic watermelon taste atop a candy base. With each puff you take of this succulent watermelon flavored vape juice, you will be on the cloud nine! 

On the inhale, you will experience the taste of freshly sliced watermelon that will tantalize your taste buds with its crazy flavor. On the exhale the candy base will offer ultimate sweetness to your taste buds they have been craving for! So enjoy the authentic taste of watermelon in every season with this fantastic vape juice by California Grown. 

  • Grizzly Apple

Love the taste of apples? Then the Grizzly Apple by California Grown is the best bet for you! This vape juice offers the most authentic taste of the amazing Granny Smith Fuji Apple. So indulge yourself in the delectable flavor of the Fuji Apple on any time of the day regardless of the season!

On the inhale the Grizzly Apple by California Grown recreates the taste of biting the perfectly ripe apple picked straight from the tree! On the exhale the flavor explodes across your taste buds making them crave for it again and again. 

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