E Juices by Jam Monster at E Juice Store – Flavors that take you Back to Childhood

Love the jam flavor? Want to relive your childhood with the fruity jam flavors all over again? Then you must give a try to the vape juices from Jam Monster! Jam Monster as the name suggests offer monstrous jam flavors. With its varied jam flavored vape juices, Jam Monster has become one of the most selling premium e juices in the entire world. The best part of these e juices is that all of them have been carefully crafted using only the finest ingredients and time tested recipes.

Jam Monster, an American e juice manufacturer offers some of the most unique and delectable flavors and is a top choice among the cloud chasers. The e juices by this company are simple yet perfectly blended ones. At E Juice Store we offer a wide variety of e juices from Jam Monster at discount prices. Even if you are new to the vaping world we can assure you that you will fall in love with the delicious flavors from Jam Monster that will take you back to your childhood with each hit! Check out some of the top rated e juices by Jam Monster that we carry below and choose the one that you find interesting!

  • PB & Strawberry Jam by Jam Monster

PB & Strawberry Jam Monster is the newest addition to the flavorful collection of e juices from the team of Jam Monster and Ice Monster. Jam Monster has become a favorite among a lot of vapers due to the simplicity and perfection in its each e juice flavor. And the PB & Strawberry Jam Monster is yet another magic created that amalgamates strawberry with peanut butter resulting into a unique flavor.

  • PB & Grape Jam by Jam Monster

PB & Grape Jam by Jam Monster is yet another new addition to the lot that offers amazing vaping experience. The unusual combination of grape with peanut butter results into an innovative flavor that excites newbie vapers as well as seasoned vapers equally.

  • Strawberry by Jam Monster

Strawberry by Jam Monster is an e juice which is a strawberry jam toast flavored juice. We at E Juice Store can assure you that the strawberry by Jam Monster will surely satisfy your cravings and make your taste buds crave for this heavenly flavor again and again.

  • Grape by Jam Monster

Grape by Jam Monster is yet another powerful introduction to the world of Jam Monster e liquid. This flavorful e juice by Jam Monster delivers a true to life flavor experience that will smack your taste buds and serve them with some astonishing taste. The flavor will make you feel like you have plucked fresh grapes from the vine and enjoying its flavor. You will surely crave for this amazing jam flavored e juice more.

Imagine how it feels when you enjoy bread with a raspberry jam spread on it! Isn’t that watering your mouth? This e juice by Jam Monster is exactly going to offer you the same taste as that of a raspberry jam. Raspberry is the main flavor of this succulent e juice. With the first bite itself your taste buds will start craving for more and clouds will grow bigger and bigger as you breathe out and the smell is also incredible.

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