How To Use A Disposable Pod

It may be that you have purchased Blue Razz Disposable Pod (3500 Puffs) by Phrut Exotix from us at EJuice Store; however, if you do not know how to use it, it will not serve your purpose. It is wise to know how to use a disposable pod so that you can effectively use it to quit smoking.

Reasons to use disposable pods

Before we start to know how to use disposable pods, it is wise to know the reasons to use disposable pods. The main benefit of using such a vaping device is its light weight and size. It is smaller than other vaping devices and you do not have to carry any other gadget like a charger or e-juice bottle. The disposable pod comes pre-filled and it is possible to carry even in your pocket when you are traveling.

As it is lightweight and small in size you can carry many such pods and enjoy the different flavors at different times. Like if you carry Blue Razz Disposable Pod (3500 Puffs) by Phrut Exotix it is possible to enjoy up to 3500 puffs and enjoy the primary flavors of blueberry, raspberry, and candy. The nicotine content is 5% and VG/PG ratio is 50/50.

It is possible to enjoy different flavors if you add a few more same brand products to your shopping list. It is possible to have the pleasure of enjoying flavors like grape juice, guava pineapple orange, and honeydew melon ice to name a few.

How to use the disposable pod 

The foremost thing that you need to do is to choose the pod that you need to vape. You might be carrying a few such pods so select the one that you desire to vape then. The next thing that you need to do is to take the device out of the package. You are now ready to vape using the pod. 

If you have a look at the pod, you may notice that there is a button that you need to press to start the device. There are some devices where you will not notice such a button. The only thing that you need to do is to take a deep drag using the mouthpiece as you do while you smoke a normal cigarette. You need to draw as long as you have the throat hit that you desire to have. 

It is always wise to start your vaping journey using a pod having 5% nicotine strength. You need to start with light and infrequent draws. There needs to be an interval between each draw. 

So, when you feel that you need to quit smoking or desire to taste different flavors do call us and place your order. We will make certain that your ordered products reach your place as early as possible. After you have purchased a branded disposable pod from us use it in the way discussed to have a unique vaping pleasure.