Different Types Of Vaping Devices To Choose From

Are you planning to buy your first vape device but don’t know where to begin? There’re so many options out there, so it can be overwhelming to choose one, especially if you’re new to the vaping world.

There’re 5 different types of vaping devices available on the market. Let’s discuss about all of them briefly.


Closely looks like a real cigarette; Cig-A-Like is the 1st vaping device to hit the market. This device features a battery & cartomizer with a flavor cartridge. Most of these devices can handle nearly 24mg of nicotine. Some devices are also equipped with a LED light on the end so it resembles a lit cigarette. Easy to use & very portable, Cig-A-Like is the perfect device if you’re trying to quit smoking.

Box Mod:

Distinguished by their large & bulky shape, Box mods have external batteries & a sub-ohm tank. In most box mods you can see its ohmmeter & temperature settings. Some box mods also let you control their temperature & adjust the voltage anywhere from 10-300 watts. Box mods come with built-in safety features that are designed to safeguard the users from spit back & other scenarios.

Vape Pens:

This sort of devices features a tank, battery and safety features that’ll mechanically shut it down after a few seconds. Some vape pens can be charged through a USB port. With this device you can enjoy both direct-to-lung & mouth-to-lung inhalation methods. Most vape pens have the ability to handle roughly 12mg of nicotine.

Mechanical Mods:

There are 3 different parts used to make a mechanical mod: a battery, an atomizer, and a case. Generally, this type of device avails in the shape of a tube. Normal precautions are essential with a mechanical mod as it does not have any safety measures. Mechanical mods are the perfect fit for those who are keen to learn how to build their own atomizer or would love to personalize their vaping experience.

Pod Mod:

Known to be the advanced version of Cig-A-Like, pod mods are yet another popular vaping device to consider. The device uses nicotine salt e-liquids. If you wish to vape e-liquids with a higher concentration of nicotine, Pod Mods are the ideal device for you.

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