3 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Vape Coil

Vape juice and e-liquid users deserve to have a satisfying flavour and risk-free vaping experience. By doing regular vape maintenance, you surely can enjoy a great vaping experience. In order to extend the lifespan of the vaping equipment, the change of vape coil is essential. Here are 3 indicators that it's time to replace the coil:

Your Vaping Taste Burnt:

A coil that has burned through is referred to as a dead coil. When using a vape with a dead coil, the e-juice will leave an unappealing burnt taste in your throat. However, the sign continues on. The burnt flavour will make the customer cough, and he or she may occasionally become ill as a result. Therefore, it's critical to change the coil on your vaporizer quickly after noticing a faint burnt taste.

E-liquid With An Unpleasant Taste:

You would have noticed that the flavour of the e-juice is poor or funny before you start to taste burnt when vaping. Every e-juice has a distinctive flavour, and if you try a variety of flavours, you'll probably be able to tell if one tastes odd or not. From the very first hit to the very last, the flavour should taste the same. Your first clue that the coil is burned will be the presence of an odd flavour.

Reduced Vapour Production:

The coil's lifespan affects how well the vape device produces vapour. The amount of vapour produced will diminish as the coil gets older and is used more frequently. You'll notice that the less vapour being produced as the coil nears the end of its life. It is up to you whether you continue using the device after noticing this or change the coil right away. Additionally, be aware that a dying battery may be the cause of weak vapour production. Check the battery charge before changing the coil.

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