Top 5 Fruity Flavored Nomenon & Noms X2 Vape Juices

Both Nomenon and Noms X2 are the top-selling vape brand all around the world. They specialize in providing exceptional delectable flavors that are sure to appeal you. These vape juices are considered as premium e-liquids and are manufactured with lots of attention and dedication to deliver the perfect all-day vape. No matter whenever you want to vape, their flavorful e-juices will definitely satisfy your taste buds.

The teams at Nomenon and Noms X2 are mastered in bringing in tasty, freshly picked fruit flavors and highlighting with precision and personalized attention to every detail. Here are some of the best picks you should consider trying out for your all-day vaping experience:

  1. Phenomenon by Noms X2 120ml

Phenomenon by Noms X2 120ml comes with a mystery flavor that almost every vaping enthusiast raves about the taste. It could contain the farm fruit or tropical fruit or both flavors. Nevertheless of the fruit types, they are amazing and very tasty.

After all, you’ve go through the darkness to reach the light. A bit of intrigue and mystery around this vape juice flavor will definitely make your day. You’ll find the taste just beyond your imagination. It’s an all day vape juice and you are going to try it on your own to enjoy this amazing experience.

  1. Grapenomenon by Nomenon 120ml

Grapenomenon is a delectable e-juice explosion of grapes and candy. This concoction is perfectly balanced for all-day enjoyment and flavor refreshment. You should try out Grapenomenon by Nomenon e-liquid and get the sweet and sour rendition of a hard grape sweet treat. This vape juice brings in a heaping serving of grape goodness.

  1. Bluenomenon by Nomenon 120ml

With the delicious essence of blue raspberry and infusion of hard candy, the Bluenomenon e-juice is filled with gooey yummy flavors that will offer a chasing experience. You will feel satisfied with the blue raspberry candy delight complemented by the sweet and tart e-liquid. It has an amazing flavor, high VG and has the ability to deliver amazing clouds.

This e-liquid has the tanginess and juiciness of blue raspberries and hard candy that offers sweet, simple unique and one-of-its-kind vaping delight. Take this chance to dive into the blue raspberry sensation that blends perfectly the lines between the fruity and amazingly indulgent. 

  1. Stranomenon by Nomenon 120ml

This e-liquid has a delicious rendition of the classic strawberries. The hard treat is infused with a sweet gooey center. The tasty vape juice explosion has the perfect concoction of balanced all-day vape and flavor refreshment. Try out this strawberry flavor and you’ll like this favorite hard candy delight in the red and green foil wrapper. It will add a fun and tasty gush to your overall vaping experience.

  1. Watanomenon by Nomenon 120ml

With the juicy goodness of watermelon, Watanomenon by Nomenon 120ml offers optimal enjoyment and joy that you’ve been longing for in your life in the classic Nomenon way. The true watermelon vape you will feel like you’re missing in your life. Combining the sweetness of multilayered watermelon, the Watanomenon has the ultimate fruity flavor that you shouldn’t give a miss.

Final Consideration –

Start shopping for the Nomenon & Nom X2 vape juices from Ejuice Store and you will have the amazing vaping experience.