Make Your Vaping Experience Better - Follow The Dos

While many people choose vaping to quit smoking, many like to vape as a hobby. So what kind of vaper are you? Whether you are a new vaper or an experienced one you need to know the dos of vaping. Before you begin your search for your favorite vape juice flavor and product at an online vape store, take a look at the dos to make your vaping experience better.

Keep Your Vaping Device Clean

To make your vaping experience better, you must make sure to keep your vaping device clean. Over time the tank of your vaping device builds up residue which may affect the quality and flavor of your vape juice. So make sure to clean the tank thoroughly by emptying it whenever you change your vape juice.

Proper Storage of Vape Juice

Vape juices often have a long shelf life, however, that does not mean that you can leave them lying around! You need to remember that vape juices are perishable, hence, you need to know how to store vape juice properly to maintain its flavor. Make sure you do not expose your vape juice to direct sunlight or leave it in hot areas. Always store your vape juice in a dark cool place.

Keep Changing Flavors Once in a While

One of the most common problems that vapers experience is that they get used to a flavor and their taste buds cannot enjoy the taste of the vape juice anymore. This condition is termed as the "vaper's tongue". This is the time when your taste buds and olfactory glands need a break. For instance, if you are used to the flavor of Guava Kahn Vape Juice by Humble Juice Co 120ml then you must give try other flavors from the same manufacturer or other manufacturers. Although vaper's tongue lasts only for a couple of days and affects only your vape juice flavor, it is always better to switch to another flavor if you want to continue vaping without any problem.

Practice Proper Oral Hygiene

Vapers are more prone to experience problems in they do not maintain proper oral hygiene. Therefore, you need to brush your teeth along with using mouth wash to clean your mouth completely. You should also clean your tongue especially if you prefer sweetened vape juice flavor like Guava Kahn Vape Juice by Humble Juice Co 120ml.

Experiment with PG/VG Ratio

Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) are two essential ingredients found in any vape juice. The ratio between these two determines the flavor intensity and cloud thickness. You can go for a 50/50 ratio to obtain a balance between the intensity of the flavor and the thickness of the clouds.

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