Knowing Vaping Devices with E Juice Store!

The best way to get a vape that is right for you is to check a store as the choice is personal and depends upon several things such as how much and how often you smoke! However, to make you understand the different type of vaping devices available in the market, we at E Juice Store are providing a brief idea below. Have a look!

Generally, two types of vaping devices are there i.e. mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung. The way you inhale determines which vaping device is right for you. For instance, if you hold it in your mouth first like a cigarette then mouth-to-lung devices are for you. Similarly, if you inhale directly like an asthma inhaler then the direct-to-lung device is for you.

  • Mouth-to-Lung Vaping Devices

If you want to quit smoking then the mouth-to-lung devices are ideal for you as inhaling is similar to smoking. These devices are discreet, create small clouds and have the ability to deliver high nicotine, which helps you to quit smoking.

Usually, there are two mouth-to-lung device options i.e. pod devices and pen devices. These devices are also available as starter kits.

  • Pod Devices

Pod devices are simpler ones. What you need to do is just pop in a cartridge or capsules or pods and puff like a cigarette. You need not have to change a coil or push any button! Β Small cartridges are clipped into the end of a pod device. Some of the pod devices are pre-filled disposable cartridges, like Cantaloupe by HQD Cuvie Disposable Pod 3pack, whereas some are refillable. You will need to change the cartridge when it gets emptied.

At E Juice Store we provide Cantaloupe by HQD Cuvie Disposable Pod 3pack, which is a fresh cantaloupe and splashes of mixed honeydew melon undertones with an exhilarating juicy finish.

This Cuvie Cantaloupe Pod is an excellent solution to those seeking to start living a smoke-free life. It contains a sufficient amount of salt nicotine eliquid to match a complete pack of cigarettes and is powered by a pre-charged low wattage battery. With no buttons or complicated settings necessary, this device is ready to be enjoyed directly out of the package. What makes it even more enticing is its small size that enables it to fit any size pocket.

Comparatively, pod devices are a bit costly but are highly effective for quitting smoking!

  • Pen Devices

Vaping pens are also simple but needs you use technology a bit. The pen device has only one button that turns on and off with a set of clicks. Also, these devices are battery operated and have coil and tank that you need to fill with e liquid.

The battery of the pen device needs charging every night and must be replaced every few years. The tank holds your favorite flavored e juice which you must fill up to the full line. The coil is used to heat the e liquid and convert it into vapor. You need to change the coils every two to four weeks or whenever you feel a burnt taste or the flavor weakens.

  • Direct-to-Lung Devices

The direct-to-lung devices produce big clouds. These are also known as mod-boxes or direct-inhale. Usually, the experienced vapers tend to use these devices. However, these devices are not recommended for quitting smoking as the inhaling technique is different from that of smoking. Also, these devices use lower nicotine e liquids that are not ideal for quitting smoking!

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