How Steeping Can Enhance Your E-Juice Flavour?

The vaping industry across the globe has grown so large that there’re thousands of different e-liquid flavours to buy. Without any doubt, so much variety in e-juice is a great news for vapers. However, it also means that sometimes you may end up having a vape juice that you don’t like. When you experience this sort of problem for the first time, you might search online find advice – and when you do, there is one best piece of advice that you may come across: you should try steeping your vape juice

Steeping is the process that lets the individual ingredients of vape liquid to soak oxygen and bond together. Simply said, by introducing your vape juice to oxygen it lets to instable components to disappear. This gets rid of any austerity or prefumy flavours that you get to taste in fresh vape juice. By steeping your e-juice it’ll soften & round out, offering it a profound & smoother flavour profile, which is what most vapers dream of. 

Is there any advantages of steeping e-juice?

The most important advantages of steeping e-liquid is that it boosts the flavour composites in e-liquid to intermingle and meld with each other. If you put an e-juice to use too soon once it is bottled, you may discover that one specific note in the flavour profile of the e-juice is so noticeable that it covers the other notes. On the other hand, you may just discover that the vape-juice tastes “young” or immature. In both of those scenarios, you may relish the outcome that you acquire from steeping. 

Another reason why steeping may enhance some vape-juice is because there’re particular e-liquids that utilize flavour composites set in alcohol instead of PG or VG. If you discover that a specific e-juice possess a harsh edge or produces an itchy feeling in your throat – or if you discover that the vape juice feels hotter inside your mouth than other vape juices – it may have an alcohol-based flavour.  Alcohol based flavours are especially widespread in vape juices with custard or creamy flavour profiles, which is why e-liquids with those flavour profiles usually need longer preliminary steeping times than other kinds of vape juices. Some of the alcohol banishes during the steeping process. Therefore, the process may decrease the harshness of the e-juice. 

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