Fruity Renditions of Vape Juices by Noms X2

Are you searching for intense fruit-flavored e juices to satisfy your fruit craving taste buds? Then we at E Juice Store have brought you Noms X2 e liquid range that is jam-packed with intensifying fruity flavors. Noms X2 is brought from Boise, Idaho and is an extension of the Nomenon family that boasts an intense which denies slowing down anytime soon!

Noms X2 is on a mission to add a level of complexity to the vaping experience. So indulge yourself in the complimentary fruits selection ranging from white peach raspberry to cactus jackfruit with mandarin and more. So are you ready to explore the range with us? Then scroll down and check out the flavors below –

White Peach Raspberry by Noms X2 120ml

White Peach Raspberry by Noms X2 is a 120 ml of pure ecstasy that is a fresh medley of sweetness of peach and tanginess of raspberries converging into a perfect pair. The juicy white peaches and ripe raspberries blend together and craft a magically flavorsome fruity e juice which pleases your taste buds undoubtedly. With each puff of White Peach Raspberry, your mouth will get flooded with flavorful fruity delight. A rush of juicy peaches overwhelms your taste buds with an authentic flavor. On the exhale invigorating raspberry flavor offers an incredible ending to this sweet e liquid.

Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin by Noms X2 120ml

Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin by Noms X2 is an exceptionally stimulating and balancing blend of cactus fruit, jackfruit and mandarin citrus. This concoction is a heavy juicy vape that has an exceptional flavor and cloud production. When the cactus fruit mixes with the savory jackfruit and finished off with the citrusy mandarin orange, it generates an incredible delicious flavor to die for.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Nectarine by Noms X2 120ml

Kiwi Passion Fruit Nectarine by Nom X2 is a tropical amalgamation of kiwi, passion fruit and nectarine producing a delightful flavor to crave for. The freshness of kiwi and tanginess of passion fruit when get combined with the nectarine creates a god like mix of tropical nectar ejuice that is sure to please. A rush of ripe kiwis will smother your taste buds with an authentic flavor. During the exhale you will experience the refreshing and zesty passion fruit flavor giving you a perfect vaping experience.

Cherry Lime Ginger by Noms X2 120ml

Cherry Lime Ginger by NOMS X2 is the mixture of tart refreshing glass of cool lime lemonade and sweet overtones of cherry which is further paired up with tangy ginger that creates a delectable vape juice for vape lovers craving for fruity delight. On the inhale wild black cherries will erupt into your mouth and on the exhale a nice refreshing sensation will make you go crazy after this delicious flavor by Noms X2. So try out this one-of-a-kind mash up of sweet cherry and tangy lime with a touch of ginger and experience vaping like never before!

Browse our collection today and get the fruity flavor that you desire the most! Happy vaping!