Does E-Juice Expire? Know When To Replace Your Vape Juice

Most vapers go through a time when they come to know that they have purchased way more e-juice than they require. After checking out their bottles, a query appears in their heads: “does e-liquid expire?”

Well, the answer is a big yes! Vape juice like  and others does come with an expiry date. Though both Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene glycol are why the expiry date for e-liquid is 1 to two years, the majority of changes in e-juice are because of the oxidation of the nicotine & deprivation of the flavorings. The effect of aging will differ from one e-juice to another. Usually, older vape liquids will have less nicotine & weaker taste.

There’re several things that can happen to e-juices as they ages:

Separation: E-liquid is made from diverse constituents. Sometimes, its constituents start to take apart. Some separation is usual – that’s why your container say “shake well before use.” However, when your vape juice is too old, it mayn’t come together regardless of how much it’s shaken. Also, there may be crystallized debris or flavors that don’t liquefy with mixing or heat. At that point, vaping the q-juice would be a risk which you shouldn’t go for.

Change in color: Vape liquids will darken as they age, particularly liquids with nicotine in them. This is a usual reaction. Nicotine passes through a procedure known as oxidation, in which it chemically reacts with oxygen & changes form. In this procedure, it also gets gloomier & so does the e-juice. Nevertheless, if an e-juice starts appearing much gloomier than it initially was or starts changing colors that are not brown or yellow, it’s perhaps time to replace your old vape juice with a new one.

Taste & smell: Vape juices should smell and taste great when the bottles are fresh. Unfortunately, flavors deteriorate gradually, making them to change taste. If your e-liquid does not taste like what your remember it being, it may be the time to replace your vape juice.

Thickness: Usually, e-liquid that turns out to be much thicker than it initially was has gone bad. It is not just horrible to vape, it may also damage the coil or produce leakage in your tank.

Nicotine content – Since nicotine deteriorates gradually, the quantity of nicotine in your vape juice will reduce over time as well. Besides tasting horrible, expired q-liquid mayn’t even gratify your cravings for nicotine.

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