Delectable Flavors From The Collaboration of Esco Bars And Nomenon E-Liquids

With the rise in the demands for vaping and disposable vape options, the vaping market has begun experimenting with different flavors and options. Many manufacturers are collaborating with others to create unique and extraordinary vape products that the vapers will love. We at E Juice Store bring such unique products and flavors closer to vapers at the best price. Being in the industry for years now, we have realized that vapers love to experiment on flavors and different products. That is why, in the post below we have brought you another incredible collaboration from Esco Bars with Nomenon E-Liquid. The collaboration has resulted in five new incredible flavors that have taken the game a notch higher.

This collaboration by Pastel Cartel Esco Bars features USA made e juice by Nomenon E-Liquids, which is a subsidiary of Lotus Vaping Technology in Boise, Idaho. The NOMS X Esco Bars feature a 9ml reservoir, mesh tech coil, 1500mah battery and five delicious flavors. A mesh max coil allows the flavor of the juice to be delectable from the beginning to finish. The features of this disposable vape include capacity of 9ml, 1500mah battery, 5% nicotine strength, mesh coil technology along with approximately 4000 puffs per device.

Now let us check out the five delicious flavors from the collaboration below that you can discover online at the best price with us at E Juice Store.

White Peach Raspberry Disposable Vape (4000 Puffs) by Noms Esco Bars

White Peach Raspberry Disposable Vape by Noms Esco Bars is a delicious combination of white peach and raspberry that will leave your taste buds shaken and surprised with its unique flavor.Β  Each puff of this vape will laden your mouth with the sweetness of creamy peaches and raspberries that are blended together to perfection.

Asian Pear Pineapple Disposable Vape (4000 Puffs) by Noms Esco Bars

Asian Pear Pineapple Disposable Vape is an unbelievable double treat of fruity flavors like no other. The flavor comprises juicy sweet tropical pineapple that is melded with crisp slices of Asian pear that will take your taste buds on a succulent ride to satisfaction. It is a two-for-one flavor combo that will make you try it again and again.

Mojito Mint Disposable Vape (4000 Puffs) by Noms Esco Bars

Mojito Mint disposable vape is an impressive flavor that contains mint and lemonade dash that is hard to resist. Just one puff of this flavor will jam your mouth with an immensely sweet, citrusy aroma which is further enhanced with an icy menthol undertone.

Blueberry Papaya Strawberry Disposable Vape (4000 Puffs) by Noms Esco Bars

Blueberry Papaya Strawberry Disposable Vape is a blend of freshly picked papaya, perfectly ripened blueberries, and sweet strawberries. This flavor brings you a trifecta of fruity flavor that will blow your taste buds away.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Nectarine Disposable Vape (4000 Puffs) by Noms Esco Bars

Kiwi Passion Fruit Nectarine Disposable Vape is a rush of ripe kiwis that you can enjoy on the inhale. The flavor of kiwis is followed by refreshing and invigorating passion fruit on the exhale which gives a perfect finish to this fresh nectarine disposable vape.

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